Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who am I?

I don't wanna say good things about me but I am not saying that I am bad. It's up to you to judge me.
I love doing things, in my own little way, that will help some people. I love having friends to a lot of people. But sometimes we need to limit our open heart for those who are not willing to spend time with us.
My love one's always telling me that I should never-mind those people who are talking something against me, but sometimes I need to listen to what they say because it will enable me to handle such bad thoughts against me and to make me a strong and tough person and also, i'll be able to enhance my weakest link.
Most of the time I am alone. I am happy when I am alone but of coarse it is happier when you are with someone or with everyone, right? But sometimes when I am alone I realized the things that I need to accomplish.
I want to be a RICH guy. It's not just for myself, not just for my family and friends, but also for the unfortunate ones. I want to have my own business that I can help many people to have their job. And also I want to own a charity so that I can help a lot of people who are in need. I want to travel the world so that I can spread my caring and loving hands for those unfortunate people who won't be able to have their basic needs in order for them to survive. I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE, as long as I can, and it's my nature to be like this and also, I THANK GOD for giving me a good and kind heart. :)

Til here first. Have a nice day. May God bless and guide us all always. :)

Looking for a pure, kind and good hearted guy who'm i can be with the rest of my life.. hope to see you..

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